The Top 5 iPhone Apps for Christians

Smartphones and tablets are used by over 2 billion people worldwide, and as you might expect, you can find apps for almost everything.  There are hundreds of apps in the Apple iPhone store that are related to Christianity, but without installing and trying each one, it can be hard to know which is best.  This article looks at the top 5 iPhone apps for Christians, and explains why each one is useful.

Prayer Notebook

If you've ever told someone that you will pray for them and then forgot, this is the app for you.  Prayer Notebook has been designed to be your personal prayer assistant.  You can categorise your prayer list into categories, such as friends, family, church group, etc., and you can schedule reminders to remind you to pray for the people in your categories.  Prayer Notebook also supplies you with a new set of prayers daily, and gives you the opportunity to text or email people to let them know that you have prayed for them.  This is one of the most popular apps in the iPhone store, and it's not hard to see why.

Jesus Film Media

Missionaries throughout the world do their best to convert people to Christianity, but what if you could do this from your smartphone?  The Jesus Film Media app features over 1100 short films in numerous languages, which can be downloaded to your smartphone. Missionaries around the world show these films to introduce people to Jesus, and now you can do the same.  Even if you don't feel like sharing the word of Jesus with non-Christians, the films can prove useful during gospels and joint prayer meetings.


Bible, created by is the number one Bible app on the iPhone store, and for good reason.  The app contains hundreds of different Bible versions, hundreds of different reading options, and dozens of languages.  Users are given the option to highlight their favourite verses, customise their reading experience, and download passages to read offline.  Fonts and text sizes can be altered for easy reading, and passages can be shared with friends enabling you to share your thoughts with other Christians.

Now Faith Is

Said by many to be the best Christian faith app available, the Now Faith Is app turns your smartphone into a Christian media centre.  The app collects Christian content from the internet and delivers it to your device 24/7.  The app contains Christian news, advice, music, radio, podcasts, and magazine articles. There is even a Christian cartoon channel for children and an audio Bible, which can be listened to on the go.  With many media options, Now Faith Is is one of the best resources available to the modern Christian.

Looky Lamb

Looky Lamb is a Christian app that has been designed with kids in mind.  It comes complete with games, puzzles, videos, activities and short Bible lessons which will keep kids entertained for hours.  The games and activities have been designed to teach children the values of Christianity, such as peace, joy and self-control, whilst remaining fun.  The more the app is played, the more points are earned, which unlock extra content.  Multiple accounts can be registered on one device, so this app can be played by more than one child.